Road De-icing Salt

road de-icing salt

During the winter the road treatments with the anti-ice saline fluxes are an essential resource for the road safety and the safeguard of citizens.

Thanks to the sodium chloride (NaCI) if applied in the early hours of a snowfall, salt creates on the asphalt a layer that impedes the formation of ice and contributes to eliminate the risk of skidding.

Raw sea salt ** 25kg sacks
Washed sea salt ** 25kg sacks – big sacks- in bulk
Exsiccated sea salt ** 25kg sacks – big sacks- in bulk


** If required the products can be added with anti-agglomerative (E536)

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In winter, the treatments with the fluxes road salt or salt to thaw most commonly road, are an essential resource to ensure road users with a higher level of security during snowfall or when the road is icy.

Our country, due to its particular geographical position and its intrinsic morphological characteristics, it is subjected to perturbations in an almost unpredictable weather typical of the winter months, the sudden climatic changes expose us all to financial difficulties.

The current development of the road system imposes institutions to ensure suitable conditions transitability during the winter period by programming maintenance interventions; indispensable not only for safety reasons, even for the increased needs of road transport, more and more important for the our economy.

The use of suitable products, allow you to better manage the prevention and emergencies, increasing road safety.

road de-icing salt

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