Food Industry Salt


It is a unique salt for its precious elements, it is excellent as a cooking salt as well as a seasoning.

With the addition of iodine it improves the thyroid gland function and helps revitalizing the most important functions of our organism.

Sea salt with iodine gr 250 (shaker)
Table or coarse sea salt kg 1 (box)
Table or coarse sea salt with iodine kg 1 (box)
Fine grain salt kg 1 (box)


Excellent for every kind of food industries: dairy farming, salami factories, fish preservation, fruit and vegetables processing, baked products, health services, conserve and canned goods.

Washed sea salt 25kg sacks
Coarse – Medium – Fine sea salt exsiccated 220°
10/25kg sacks
Eboll. salt re-crystallized exsiccated 25kg sacks
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