Lifestyle together with the modality of consumption and nowadays habits influence the speed of dissipation of important resources for our planet. This will bring to the worsening of quality of life of future generations.
Where water and earth meet, whipped by the wind and kissed by the sun, an ecosystem appears in which the organic matter seems to give life to a huge metabolic fire which allow us to observe a great miracle of nature: the formation of SALT.

This amazing ecosystem is the salt pan of Margherita di Savoia. It is situated a few kilometres from the Gargano Regional Park. Along the main road n.159 that brings to Bari we will find an unusual landscape; low banks that hold big man-made basins, sky-blue water that extends toward the horizon, white dales, a strong brackish scent that pervades the air while you can hear the call note of water birds. This is the salt pan of Margherita di Savoia (BT), the greatest man-made salt pan in Italy. At the time of Frederick II, where today lies the salt pan, there was the so called Salso Lake of Salpi.

This is the reason that bring us “A WORLD of SALT” to consider of strategic interest the creation and consolidation of strong and durable relations with supplier industries which guarantee the respect and protection of the environment.

For our firm, which find itself dipped into a world of bio-diversity such as the eco-system of the salt pan, the respect for the natural habitat is vital. Therefore, our constant search for new products and the development of innovations is strongly tied with the respect for the human element. This is the only way to pass to future generations the miracle of nature that is the formation of salt.

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